Wurthy makes you more

Boost sales, create monthly recurring revenue and access future revenue instantly at any time.

Your customers pay over time.
You access that revenue today.
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Attract more customers

Boost sales by making your products more affordable with monthly installment plans.

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Make more on every sale

Build your portfolio by creating recurring monthly revenue, eliminating credit card fees and earning interest on every sale.

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Access future revenue today

Get capital anytime you need it while your customers still pay you every month.

Create steady growth from day one
Wurthy increases revenue from the start and continues as your business matures.
Increase sales
Get more customers by offering affordable monthly payment plans for your products and services.
Make more on every sale
Build your portfolio by creating recurring monthly revenue, eliminating credit card fees and earning interest on every sale.
Access future revenue instantly
Get the cash you need through a line of credit based on your portfolio value or by selling your installment contracts to buyers on Wurthy.
Access your funds
Access capital when you need it,
grow it when you don't.
Have the flexibility to access the amount you need anytime, while you continue to maximize earnings over time.
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Monthly revenue with interest

Create stable recurring revenue for your business and earn interest each month from customers' monthly installment payments.

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Line of credit

Get your future revenue instantly while customers still pay monthly. Increase your credit limit by growing your portfolio value with more sales.

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Sell monthly installment contracts directly to investors and receive cash for the current bid price.

1,000s of businesses grow with Wurthy
Wurthy is trusted by businesses across the country in almost every industry.
Wurthy works with Retail
Wurthy works with Medical & Dental
Medical & Dental
Wurthy works with E-commerce
Wurthy works with Luxury
Wurthy works with Beauty & Wellness
Beauty & Wellness
Wurthy works with Heating & Cooling
Heating & Cooling
Wurthy works with Consignment
Wurthy works with Manufacturing
Wurthy works with Construction
Wurthy works with Home Improvement
Home Improvement
Wurthy works with Events & Experiences
Events & Experiences
Easy checkout for any customer or business, from anywhere
Give other businesses the option to pay you over time while you access that revenue today.
Complete more transactions when you offer affordable payment plans at checkout.
In person
In-store customers can get instantly approved using our proprietary underwriting system.
What people are saying

Leveraging Wurthy has been a huge benefit for our business. We've seen an increase in conversion rate turning prospective students into being accepted into our programs, and with Wurthy's enhanced underwriting we've seen our enrollment continue to increase.

Owner, Medical Training Program
Glendale, AZ

The platform's ease of use is remarkable—it's intuitive and user-friendly, making it simple to manage and track my installment contracts with minimal effort. I've noticed a significant increase in class sizes since I started using Wurthy, which has positively impacted my revenue and overall business growth. Wurthy has truly transformed the way I operate, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Owner, Aviation Company
Burlington, NC

Wurthy has been instrumental in helping me grow my practice. For years I've been taught to not be the bank; but Wurthy has allowed me to earn like the bank without having to be the bank. We're now earning more than before while seeing more patients than we did previously!

Owner, Dental Practice
Salt Lake City, Utah
We've got your back
Enjoy secure automatic payments, advanced data security, and customer verification.
FDIC-insured accounts
All payments are securely deposited into your individually registered FDIC-insured Wurthy bank account.
Bank-level security
We keep your business & customer data secure with AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 to secure data in transit.
Customer verification
Each customer's identity and credit are verified with Wurthy's proprietary underwriting.
Business verification
Wurthy instantly verifies businesses as buyers and sellers to enable B2B installment plans.
Secure partners, secure Wurthy
Wurthy is able to offer advanced security, verification, and financial services with the help of industry-leading partners.
Have questions? We have answers.
How does Wurthy work?
Wurthy enables businesses to boost sales and create recurring revenue by offering their customers affordable installment plans, then provides instant access to that future revenue, so businesses have the capital they need any time while continuing to maximize earnings each month.
Who can use Wurthy?
Wurthy is currently available to customers and registered businesses in the U.S. in all 50 states. Any business or individual who is a U.S. citizen or has a U.S. Tax ID can see if they qualify to pay over time for goods and services using Wurthy.
How does Wurthy work for customers?
Customers undergo a soft credit check in under a minute without affecting their credit scores. Once approved, they'll choose a monthly installment plan, sign their agreement, make a down payment, and set up auto-pay to make all future monthly payments easy.
Can I use Wurthy to transact with other businesses?
Yes! Wurthy's proprietary underwriting system verifies both businesses and individuals who want to pay for goods and services in monthly installments. At checkout, the buyer can choose to pay as an individual or a business, and see installment plan options after they are verified.
Let's make
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Grow your portfolio and get access to future revenue today.
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