Pay later
Automatic payments with 30 days interest-free
A zero cost, zero risk option for your business
Secure, automatic payments
Customers link a bank account via Plaid in advance to be automatically debited in 30 days, so you can feel secure at the time of purchase.
Zero transaction fees with Wurthy
Grow your business by saving 6-8% in credit card processing fees on every transaction that is completed with Wurthy instead.
Send agreements, not invoices
Eliminate charge offs, late payments and unpaid invoices from customers. With Wurthy, customers sign an agreement and set up payments at the time of purchase.
An affordable option for customers
Zero interest for 30 days
Give customers the option to pay in full, within 30 days, without accruing interest during that time.
Affordability for high-value purchases
Give your customers the flexibility to have your product today and pay the balance 30 days later.
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