Pay over time
Flexible monthly payments to increase sales and revenue
Earn more every month with interest
Earn interest every month when your customers choose to pay you over time.
earn more
Profit, on your terms
Choose your terms
The down payment, number of payments, and the interest you want to earn from your customers is up to you.
earn more
Customize your strategy
Have the flexibility to choose to earn more on each transaction or increasing sales with attractive interest rates.
earn more
Attract more customers
Earn even more by increasing your sales when you make your product affordable to more customers through smaller monthly payments.

No risk to you

Accept monthly payments with peace-of-mind.

Customer credit checks

Only customers who pass our verification and credit checks have the option to pay you over time.

Automatic payments

Automatic and secure ACH payments means no more unpaid invoices, just hassle-free income month-over-month.

Payment coverage

Wurthy has your back if there are issues receiving your payment. We’ll always ensure you’re made whole.

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